This wasn’t the author’s initial encounter with the Perfect Spoon from DavidsTea; they’ve collected several of these spoons, predominantly stainless steel, with the occasional colorful variant released either individually or in sets. Notably, they acquired red and green ones from past winter collections. However, their primary go-to is the silver one, as it holds sentimental value being the first Perfect Spoon they owned.

The colored spoons, despite their vibrant appearance, come with a downside – their coating isn’t particularly durable and isn’t a fan of dishwashers. Online complaints are rife regarding the colored spoons chipping and shedding their coating, perhaps contributing to the author’s preference for the silver version. It’s worth noting that the price for the silver/plain Perfect Spoon matches that of the colored ones at the time of writing. Although there have been limited edition and pricier spoons in the past, some even in fancy boxed packaging like rose gold. As for the Perfect Spoon itself, it measures out a precise 2½ teaspoons of tea.


In the realm of Perfect Spoon maintenance, the author adopts a hands-on approach. After every use, they diligently hand wash these spoons, storing them neatly in a cup. Given their exclusive use for tea, a simple rinse with warm water usually suffices, but for teas with oily characteristics, such as Earl Grey or certain herbal/fruit infusions, a touch of dish soap is employed.

Amidst the bustling world of kitchen gadgets and intricate appliances, the Perfect Spoon’s unpretentious nature stands out. Its role in the author’s tea routine highlights the beauty of simplicity in everyday rituals. In the quest for precision and consistency in tea preparation, this unassuming utensil plays a crucial role, ensuring that each cup of tea is a harmonious blend of flavors. It serves as a reminder that, sometimes, the most basic tools can be the most indispensable. In a world that often celebrates complexity, the Perfect Spoon’s straightforwardness is a testament to the enduring charm of simplicity in the culinary arts.

First Use

The Perfect Spoon proves to be adept at its core function – scooping tea. However, not all teas can be judged solely by the spoonful. The accompanying photograph illustrates this point, with airy teas like Sau-Mei leaving substantial gaps between the leaves, prompting a heaping spoonful. In contrast, denser teas or those containing larger components (like dried fruit or rolled teas like Jasmine Pearls) require more precise measurement. Although some connoisseurs employ digital kitchen scales for such precision, the author takes a simpler route, relying on their Perfect Spoon and a keen eye for estimation.

My Overall Impression

The author holds a genuine affection for DavidsTea’s Perfect Spoon, which has found consistent use in their tea rituals. The silver Perfect Spoon, in particular, has proven reliable and unproblematic. However, reservations linger concerning the colored variants, as they fear the coating could leach into their tea. These colored spoons primarily inhabit the author’s collection due to their inclusion in gift sets purchased for personal enjoyment.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the Perfect Spoon isn’t the most budget-friendly of utensils. Those with a teaspoon-sized measuring spoon in their kitchen might question the necessity of adding another non-standard unit of measurement to their collection. The author, in their frugality, has always managed to acquire Perfect Spoons through promotional sales or bundled gift sets, sidestepping the standalone purchase cost (a pro-tip for those wanting one without shelling out $7 for a spoon).


In conclusion, the author’s relationship with DavidsTea’s Perfect Spoon is one marked by familiarity and practicality. Their collection of these spoons, with a penchant for the silver variant, speaks to a dedication to the art of tea-making. While colorful options are tempting, concerns about durability and potential flavor contamination have led the author to stick with the reliable silver spoon.

The Perfect Spoon, with its precision of 2½ teaspoons, has earned its place in the author’s tea routine, proving itself a reliable tool for scooping out the right amount of tea leaves. While some may opt for digital scales for the utmost accuracy, the author’s preference for the Perfect Spoon’s simplicity and efficiency is evident.

Ultimately, the Perfect Spoon from DavidsTea has become an integral part of the author’s tea journey, with its value outweighing its price, especially when acquired through promotions or bundled sets. It’s a testament to the notion that even in the realm of tea, the right tool can elevate the experience, making each cup a perfect one.