If you’re looking for the perfect Toronto teahouse to visit, this is the place for you. What could be more relaxing and fun than coffee or tea and board games?

Yes, that’s right. Bampot Tea Shop is an anti-coffee shop where you can play various board games while drinking tea of your choice. Sounds fun, right?

Bampot is a far cry from a noisy bar or coffee shop filled with laptops. The Newell couple has created a sanctuary where those who want to talk to good friends (or potential lovers) can do so in a charming space. Walking through the tea house, you can enjoy warm lighting, walls covered with local artists’ work, comfortable seating (in many corners, the floor is covered with carpets and plush pillows), lots of tea, games, a tobacco-free hookah, and a vegetarian/vegan menu.

We started by sampling two cups of iced tea recommended by Andrea, who whispered, “London Summer and Bam Bam Tea are your best options for refreshing sips.” While quenching our thirst, we nibbled on Nuts & Bolts, which got me thinking: “Why don’t more bars and restaurants in the city offer this on their menus? It’s just so addictive.” The kitchen’s signature Poutine soup offers an incredible taste of cheese, potatoes and vegetarian broth with gravy. The hearty baked falafel dipped in hummus is served with balsamic boiling water and greens. You feel healthy here.

For those who want to enjoy a hot pot and a selection of sweets, be sure to try the tangerine puer with a full plate of desserts. We opted for a decadent drink with baklava, havla, chocolate fudge brownie, and a mint nanimo bar. As I sipped my last cup of hot tea, I looked out the window and winked at Dale: “This winter, when the city is experiencing a troubling snow storm, we should come back to Bumpot and fall on a comfy cushion with friends, sip tea and forget about the cold.” Bampot’s magical teas and atmosphere offer a great escape from the hectic city life, but its intimate and quaint atmosphere really warms the heart.