Having opened its doors in the year Terry Fox ran his Marathon of Hope and O’Canada became the official national anthem, Say Tea in Bloor West Village is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year.

They are owned by Suzanne Piercy and are located at: 2362 Bloor Street W., they offer over 200 tea options, enough (and more) to satisfy any tea connoisseur. A tea-savvy guest from the UK even called Say Tea “Aladdin’s cave of pleasure.”

They sell their tea leaf for $5.95 for 55 grams (approximately 20 cups of tea), but the price may vary depending on the type of tea. Their newest tea is a blend of Assam black teas called Village at Midnight, which is rich, dark, and malty. A full selection of tea accessories and souvenirs are also available, including teapots, tea cups, jams, and shortbread cookies.

Say Tea was founded back in 1980 as a proud independent specialty shop, and just a few years later, in 1988, we found ourselves right in the heart of Bloor West Village. A lot has changed in the years since 1980 – enough to make mom jeans go out of style and come back! – but a few things have remained the same: they’re still independent, they’re still serving Bloor West Village, and they’re still a tight-knit circle of tea lovers who are just happy to do what they love, day in and day out.

We drink tea primarily for pleasure – there’s something incredibly satisfying about making and drinking a good cup of tea. Maybe it’s the warmth, maybe it’s the flavors, maybe it’s the memories that the process evokes. Whatever it is, it’s been an important part of our lives for decades, and we can’t wait to share it with you.