Tsaa Tea Shop is a small oasis of relaxation on the busy strip of Danforth. I manage to walk through its glass doors just as the city around me seems to have reached its breaking point; wind howling, car horns honking, an inscrutable man scraping the snowless street with a shovel. But it all ends as soon as I get inside.

There I am greeted by cool light wood furniture, exquisite tea ware on the walls, and the light chatter of groups of women occupying all but a few tables in the medium-sized room. The airy cafe has a mix of different people; a man typing on his laptop by the window, two twenty-somethings sitting at a table in the back, boomers by the fireplace, and three women hotly debating something in Italian. Not bad for a shop that has been open for a little over six months.

Come inside and have a cup of flavored tea in the modern cafe or let the tea sommeliers help you choose from the selection to take home.

In addition to tea and coffee, they also serve delicious Filipino desserts that are definitely worth a try.

And their staff is as sweet as their dessert. When you visit this little teahouse in Toronto, you will experience warm Filipino hospitality.