There is a lot to see in Toronto. First and foremost is the CN Tower. It is a symbol of the city that can be seen from many points in Toronto. It is the tallest free-standing building in the Western Hemisphere, one of the tallest towers in the world. The TV Tower attracts tourists with its original observation deck, part of which is equipped with a glass floor.

A must stroll down Young Street is one of Toronto’s main and busiest streets. It has a ton of restaurants, night bars, stores, and clubs that are popular with visitors to the city.

Next up is the Royal Ontario Museum. It is located in an unusual and original building of modern architecture. The exterior of the structure resembles an orderly jumble of geometric shapes or a huge crystal with irregular facets. The museum has more than 6 million items: dinosaur bones, art, weapons, clothing, everyday items and more.

The original Casa Loma Castle was built in the early 20th century for the wealthy businessman Sir H.M. Pellat. After some time he sold the castle because he could not afford to keep the property and pay taxes. The building was used as a hotel until the 1930s, and then passed to the state. The castle was turned into a tourist attraction. From time to time it is rented out for private events.

The new city hall is very unusual and consists of two towers of different lengths and a round building in the middle, a hall where the city council meets.

The old City Hall building is a historic structure from the late 19th century. After the construction of a new building they wanted to demolish the old one, but the citizens stood up for the architectural monument. Today the old architecture of the building complements the modern buildings in the vicinity.

Canada is famous for hockey, the sport is literally worshipped here. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, an exhibit dedicated to the development and formation of Canadian hockey. Learn about the history of the NHL, read biographies of great players and see hockey uniforms and equipment from teams around the world.

Residents of Toronto consider their zoo to be the best in North America. The city’s zoo does boast a size and species diversity. The entire area is divided into themed zones, each with its own microclimate. The most popular are the Mayan Ruins, the African Savannah, the Australian Pavilion and the American Pavilion.