Collecting red rose sculptures and blending tea from Jennifer Commins’ grandmother’s garden sowed the seeds of an interest in tea that would flourish in the garden of her mind over the years. She founded Pluck Teas in 2012 after years of working in the design industry. The name comes from a term used to measure quality in tea production, as traditionally tea was picked by hand and the harvest was judged by its pluck. Commins, a certified tea sommelier and member of the Tea Association of Canada, works closely with local businesses to offer them the best teas from around the world.

Pluck offers a lot of loose leaf tea, with over 40 options priced from $8 to $30. Among them are flavors like Spadina Blend (with lychee, lemongrass, ginger, and coconut infusions), Movie Night (with fresh popcorn flavor), and Smoky Maple. All of their teas are blended fresh in small batches every week. They also create customized blends for many clients, such as the Drake Hotel in Toronto. Recipes for delicious tea are also plentiful on the site; how about Pluck Tea BBQ Sauce, Muskoka Chai Nog, or Lapsang Souchong Spicy Shortbread? You’ll find that and more!

You can shop online or at some GTA retail stores like Indigo, AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) and Rowe Farms, or at Drake General Store where they sell it on tap.

Product safety and certifications

  • Before shipping, our organic teas are independently tested and certified by Pro-Cert in Canada. This independent certification body also visits our manufacturing facility every year to ensure that everything from our dish soap to our warehouse facilities meet organic standards, and to conduct a detailed audit of our organic product sales and imports to ensure they are a perfect match.
  • Pluck Tea operates according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) protocols, and is regularly audited by a third party.