This Toronto teahouse is high quality and amazing. Located on the first floor of the Toronto Dominion Centre, on Wellington St., it’s easy to find when you’re downtown.

Their staff is fantastic and very friendly, and the tea and coffee is consistently delicious. They also have amazing cookies and other delicious pastries to enjoy while relaxing in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

At Hestia, guests can have a good matcha, matcha latte or espresso. Many visitors have noticed that the barista here is knowledgeable. If you come here, do not hesitate, you will definitely enjoy the surrounding pleasant atmosphere.

All-natural organic teas with about 20 flavors are available here, and the Hestia brand itself originated in Montreal.

Despite the small size, the team wanted the space to evoke the sense of calmness typically associated with tea, so Reflect took a minimal approach to colors and materials that focuses on the new brand and allows guests to take a break from the chaos of downtown Toronto. . Perforated screens cover the edges of the unit, creating a sense of enclosure and comfort while allowing passersby to visually experience the space in its entirety. Reflect wanted people to experience Hestia in the same way whether it was open or closed for business, due to the high volume of traffic in PATH after hours. To accomplish this, the glass panels sit behind fixed screens during the day and rotate closed to provide the necessary evening enclosure without the clunky metal grilles that would normally pull across the units when closed.

As Hestia continues to expand, each store will be unique, but creating a sense of calm will always be a central focus of the design process.