Tea, cakes and 40 different types of scones are what Baker and Scone offers.

This Toronto tea shop, located on St. Clair Avenue, has a great atmosphere. From the moment you walk into the cafe, you will be greeted by the aroma of a freshly baked treat.

It’s perfect for a morning jog for tea or coffee before heading to the office. It will definitely wake you up and make your morning good.

For two years now, my nose has been leading me to Baker and Scone. The aromas of fresh baked goods wafting out of this beautiful little shop are incredible. In fact, I think this bakery is the best thing that has happened to this St. Clair neighborhood.

The place is white, quaint and cozy. Every day there is a new selection of sweet and savory buns. She makes up to 40 varieties of these amazing delights. Today, they had lemon currant (a personal favorite), blueberry, caramel, orange date, cardamom, lemon curd, and raspberry jam, as well as savory variations like cheddar, chives, and dill (another personal favorite), feta and tomato, chevre, and asparagus. They are usually still warm when you buy them, and the perfume they create in the air is incredible. The bakery serves them with butter rather than whipped cream, but they are so good that neither is really necessary. They’re hearty and flaky, and some of the best scones I’ve ever had.

They also sell salads, a daily soup, yogurt parfait, and savory snacks. But why bother? It’s all about the bun. There is a small food area that serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and takeout. They also do a good job with catering, and I’ve tried it. I hear the coffee is also good, as is the lemonade.

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

I encourage you to drive to your car without a bite or two. A little birdie told me they are hoping to expand to larger premises nearby.